Self Host selected exploits on PS4 5.05 Offline – No Internet required

Learn how to self host selected PS4 exploits offline via WiFi or Ethernet. Also learn how and where to download PS4 exploits for free.

There are many websites that host PS4 exploits. Many of them host exploits for any firmware versions starting 1.76. But, most of us just require a few commonly used exploits. This tutorial will help you self host selected exploits on PS4 and cache them.

This will also ensure that you do have a backup host for your exploits, if any host website you use were to go down in the future.

Video Guide to Self Host selected exploits on PS4 5.05 Offline



  1. PS4 on Firmware version 5.05
  2. PC
  3. WiFi or LAN Cable
  4. AlAzif Exploit Host (My collection or Original)

How to Self Host exploits on PS4 5.05 offline

Follow these steps to host and cache your selected PS4 exploits offline.

How to download PS4 Exploits

Apart from usually used HEN or Mira, there are many other exploits that are useful, the best example being PS4Ren. Follow these steps to download your favourite exploits. In this example, I will download PS4Ren.

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  1. Google your exploit, eg:- “PS4ren exploit.”
  2. Look for a reliable provider – gbatemp, psxhax, github, etc. and go to their website.
  3. Download the exploit.
  4. Extract the exploit zip and go into the exploit folder (not the payload folder). Note that in the exploit folder, you will definitely find index.html and maybe a few other files.
  5. Keep the exploit folder handy.

Add your Exploits to Exploit Host

  1. Extract AlAzif Exploit Host we had downloaded earlier.
  2. Go to ps4-exploit-host folder and you may delete the payloads folder.
  3. Go to exploits folder where you will find firmware versions. If you don’t need exploits for a particular version, delete them. For eg:- I need only 5.05 exploits, so, I’d delete all the folders except 5.05.
  4. Go into 5.05 folder where you will find the exploit folder, eg:- HEN, Linux, etc. Delete any exploit folder you don’t plan on using, eg:- FTP.
  5. In folder 5.05, make a new folder – PS4Ren (or any name) and copy everything from the exploits folder within the PS4Ren exploit we had downloaded in the previous step. To confirm, the hierarchy within ps4-exploit-host folder should be exploits > PS4Ren > index.html (and other files).

If anyone’s interested, I have a collection of normally used exploits. Download it here.

Running AlAzif Exploit Host with your PS4 exploits

There are multiple ways to host your exploits. I will talk about two of them – via WiFi and Ethernet. Both do not require internet and are thus, offline methods.

Hosting PS4 exploits via WiFi offline

  1. Make sure your PS4 and PC are connected to the same WiFi network. The WiFi network need not have access to internet.
  2. Run ps4-exploit-host.exe.
  3. Copy the IP the program gives you.

Hosting PS4 exploits via Ethernet offline

Follow this detailed tutorial.

Running self hosted exploits on PS4 offline

Via WiFi

  1. Go to your PS4 Settings and under Network, tick Connect to the Internet > Set Up Internet Connection.
  2. Choose Custom and connect to your WiFi.
  3. Under IP Address Settings, choose Automatic.
  4. Under DNS settings, for both Primary and Secondary DNS, type the IP, PS4 Exploit Host on PC gave you.
  5. Set MTU Settings Automatic and Do Not Use Proxy Server.
  6. Do not Test Internet Connection.
  7. Go back to Settings > User’s Guide/Helpful Info > User’s Guide.
  8. Voila! You are on the Exploit Page.

via Ethernet

Follow this detailed tutorial.


Now, that was a quick tutorial on hosting cherrypicked exploits on a PS4 5.05. Comment below if you faced any issues.

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