Use PC/Laptop as PS4 Monitor with just LAN Cable – Offline PS4 Remote Play

Using just a LAN cable, you can use any Windows Machine as PS4 monitor offline. You don't need internet or an HDMI In port on your PC.

Do you carry your PS4 wherever you go? The problem with it is, it’s hard to find a monitor. There’s a way to use your PC/Laptop as PS4 Monitor. You can use PS4 Remote Play to use a Windows Machine as PS4 Monitor without internet. This is very easy to setup. For this whole setup, you will require Internet only the first time and that too, only for a few seconds.

Video Guide to Use PC/Laptop as PS4 Monitor with LAN Cable (Offline)



  1. PS4 on Firmware 5.05.
  2. LAN Cable.
  3. Windows PC.
  4. DualShock 4 Controller with USB cable.
  5. PS4Ren Exploit (Self Host Exploit Tutorial – Make sure you have already setup PS4Ren before beginning with the steps)
  6. PS4 Remote Play
  7. PS4 Remote Play Auto Patcher

Setup Offline PS4 Remote Play Offline to use PC as PS4 Monitor

Follow these steps in order to have your PC working as a PS4 monitor in no time.

Install and Patch PS4 Remote Play

  1. Install the downloaded PS4 Remote Play.
  2. Extract PS4 Remote Play Auto Patcher and run PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher.exe.
  3. Click on Click me.
  4. Create a backup when it asks if you want (optional).

Setup Offline Remote Play on PC

  1. Make sure Windows PC is connected to Internet (first time only).
  2. Start PS4 Remote Play on Windows.
  3. Click on Start.
  4. Connect DualShock 4 Controller to Windows PC with USB and press Options button.
  5. A PSN sign in screen will popup. As you click Sign in, the window disappears taking you back to Remote Play’s Main window. Quickly click on Register Manually. It will ask for a code. We’ll have to get on our PS4.
  6. Disconnect Internet.
  7. Connect your PS4 and Windows Machine with a LAN cable.

Setup Offline Remote Play on PS4 – PS4Ren Setup

Setup LAN Connection between PS4 and Windows

  1. On PS4, go to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.
  2. Choose Use a LAN Cable and choose Easy.
  3. Choose Automatic for IP Address Settings, DNS Settings and MTU Settings. Do Not Use Proxy Server. Do Not Specify DHCP Host Name.
  4. Don’t Test the Internet Connection.

Run PS4Ren

  1. Check our detailed tutorial for self hosting and running exploits including PS4Ren. I hope you have set it up as noted in Prerequisites section.
  2. Go to your Exploit Menu and run PS4Ren.
  3. Go back to Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > Enable Remote Play.
  4. Choose Add Device and copy the 8 digit code. Now, we need to get back to our Windows machine.

Start Offline Remote Play on Windows PC

  1. On your PC, in the Remote Play Window, where we left off, type the 8 digit code we copied from PS4.
  2. Click on Register.
  3. Remote Play on Windows will now display your PS4 Screen.


I hope you liked the article. If you face any issues, I am just a comment away.

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