Offline Jailbreak PS4 5.05 with LAN Cable – No Internet

Learn how to jailbreak PS4 offline using just a LAN/Ethernet Cable and cache your favourite exploits without Internet.

There are multiple ways to jailbreak a PS4 on Firmware 5.05. Some of them allow you to Jailbreak a PS4 offline, for eg:- the Android method and AlAzif’s exploit. In this article, you will learn to Jailbreak PS4 on 5.05 using Ethernet Cable. This Offline PS4 Jailbreak method requires just a LAN cable and no internet at all.

This method is also helpful when running huge exploit payloads. Huge payloads take a lot of time to run via WiFi and with Ethernet cable, significant speed is guaranteed.

Video Guide to Jailbreak PS4 Offline with just Ethernet Cable



  1. PS4 on 5.05
  2. Ethernet Cable
  3. PC
  4. AlAzif Exploit Host (My collection or Original)

Method to Jailbreak PS4 5.05 Offline with just a LAN Cable

In this tutorial, I am going to use a Windows machine to host the exploit. But, with a few changes, it can be adapted to other OSes too. Follow the steps:-

Setup on PC

  1. Connect your PS4 and PC with the LAN/Ethernet Cable.
  2. On Windows, press Win+R, type cmd and press Enter.
  3. In the Command prompt Window, type ipconfig and press Enter.
  4. Look for Ethernet Adapter and note down it’s Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address or IPv4 Address (whichever visible). Eg:- Copy it somewhere safe.
  5. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. You will find your Ethernet Connection. Click on Ethernet.
  6. Click on Properties.
  7. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties.
  8. Tick Use the following address and fill the following information:-
    1. IP Address: type the IPv4 Address we had copied earlier from the Command Prompt.
    2. Subnet Mask: Will appear as soon as you click on it. Make a note of the Subnet Mask.
    3. Default gateway: Type this –
    4. Preferred DNS Server: Type this –
  9. Click OK and then Yes if a window pops up.
  10. Extract AlAzif’s Exploit host and run ps4-exploit-host.exe.
  11. Make sure the program displays your Ethernet’s IPv4 Address as both the HTTP IP and DNS IP.

Setup on PS4

Once you have setup everything on your PC, get on the PS4 and follow these steps:-

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  1. Go to Settings > Network and tick Connect to the Internet.
  2. Choose Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable > Custom.
  3. Now, under IP Address Settings, choose Manual and enter the following information:-
    1. IP Address: Type this –
    2. Subnet Mask: Type the one copied from PC.
    3. Default Gateway: Type this –
    4. Primary DNS: Type the Ethernet Adapter’s IPv4 Address that we copied from PC.
    5. Secondary DNS: Same as Primary DNS.
  4. Press on Next.
  5. Choose Automatic under MTU Settings and choose Do Not Use under Proxy Server.
  6. Choose Test Internet Connection. Make sure both Obtain IP Address and Internet Connection say Successful.

Running and Caching Exploits Page

Now, you are all set to run your favourite payloads. Since we are using AlAzif’s Exploit, you can also cache the payloads. Once cached, you won’t need the LAN cable or anything else to run your exploits.

To get to the Exploit Page, go back to Settings > User’s Guide/Helpful Info > User’s Guide. Voila! You are on the Exploit Page.


Didn’t work? Try using a different LAN cable and make sure you followed the guide properly. Comment below if you need help.

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