Fix PS4 Linux Blackscreen in 5 minutes on any PS4 model – Gentoo, PSXITArch

Here's how you can fix Blackscreen Issue on PS4 Linux easily. There are also additional steps if the normal steps don't work for you.

Recently, Gentoo Linux was launched for PS4. But, since the times of PSXITArch, PS4 owners, especially PS4 Slim have been facing the Blackscreen issue on PS4 Linux. This article will help you fix Blackscreen issue on PS4 Linux both on Gentoo and PSXITArch V2.

Fixing the issue takes under 5 minutes. A problem with the kernel image (bzImage) was causing the Blackscreen issue on some PS4s. Luckily, a few developers have recompiled the kernel which fixes the issue. Follow the article to have Linux running on your PS4 in no time.

Video Guide to Fix PS4 Linux Blackscreen Issue

If you don’t like reading, here’s an easy to follow step by step tutorial video:-

How to install Linux on PS4?

For complete beginners, here’s a detailed guide on preparing your USB for installing Gentoo Linux and PSXITArch V2 on your PS4. This is the first step of the fix. If you don’t get this right, moving on to the next step is useless.



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  1. USB (atleast 12GB) preferrably USB 3.0 or SSD (highly recommended.
  2. Gentoo (Mega or GDrive) or PSXITArch (initrams.cpio.gz, psxitarch.tar.xz)
  3. Rufus or Etcher
  4. Keyboard, Mouse with USB hub (especially for PS4 Slim)

Writing PSXITArch Linux to USB

  1. Format USB to FAT32.
  2. Copy initrams.cpio.gz, psxitarch.tar.xz to the root of the USB.

Writing Gentoo Linux to USB

  1. Open Rufus/Etcher and load Gentoo img.gz.
  2. Connect USB and click Start.
  3. Wait for it to complete.

Fixing Blackscreen Issue on PS4 Linux

Now, let’s get to the real part, i.e., fixing the Blackscreen issue on PS4 Linux.


  1. Kernel (Extract it and get the bzImage file)

Steps to fix Blackscreen issue on PSXITArch V2

  1. Copy the bzImage file from the downloaded kernel file to your PSXITA USB.
  2. Connect USB (with keyboard and mouse via hub) to PS4.
  3. Using web browser, go to
  4. Run the 1GB RAM payload (Note: The first time, i.e., during installation, do not use the 3GB RAM payload).
  5. PS4 will restart and rescueshell will appear.
  6. Type exec and press Enter.
  7. After 25-30 minutes, Linux will boot. If it doesn’t type exec and press Enter.

Steps to fix Blackscreen issue on PS4 Gentoo

  1. Replace the bzImage in the USB with the one in the downloaded kernel file.
  2. Connect USB (with keyboard and mouse via hub) to PS4.
  3. Use Linux Loader in your exploit menu (is available in AlAzif’s exploit, for example).
  4. PS4 will restart and boot into Gentoo Linux.
  5. Login with username: psxita and password: changeit.

Troubleshooting PS4 Linux Blackscreen Issue

If it still doesn’t work for you, try the following.

  1. Go to PS4 Settings and set resolution to 1080p. You may also try 720p if that doesn’t work too.
  2. Disable Enable HDMI connection and Enable HDCP in PS4.
  3. As soon as the Linux loader exploit starts loading, pull out HDMI cable from PS4. Wait for 30 seconds and reinsert it. Wait for a few more seconds.


If all of these still don’t work for you, comment below and I’ll help you out.

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